Bone Spur Testimonials - Heel Spur Experiences
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Bonespur Testimonials & Heelspur Experiences
Bone Spur Testimonials & Heel Spur Experiences
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Bone Spurs & Heel Spur- Natural Bone Spur Relief Guranteed!

Many ask if we have any bone spur testimonials or heel spur experiences from people who have rid their bone spurs or heel spurs without surgery. Please read the following bone spur experiences and heel spur testimonials to see how many people have used the natural application successfully to eliminate their bone spurs and heel spurs.

Bone Spur Experiences

After reading the testimonies on your website regarding treatment of bone spurs with vital minerals I decided to give it a try. When UPS delivered it and I realized it had come from ---brand name---, I immediately knew I had ordered a good product. After two weeks of faithfully taking it with my meals I could tell a remarkable difference. X-rays showed bone several bone spurs in my neck and it was painful for me to even look down to read the paper at the table. It just felt like I had a headache in my neck all the time. I just received my 2nd order and I intend to keep taking them....indefinitely. It also gives me the calcium I need. I'm so glad I found you on the internet.

I printed off your testimonies and gave copies to my medical doctor and my chiropractor who were both very impressed with my results.

Bettie K. Vista, CA

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Here is the testimonials I promised to send you, sorry for the length, but we send our testimonials unedited and with the sender's permission.

-Barbara Date: Mon, Jun 8, 1998 9:48 PM EDT

Date: Friday, June 12, 1998 8:24:45 AM
From: boucher@netrover
Subj: Re: Bone spur testimony

Good morning Barbara,
Here is a brief summary of my heel spur problem and you certainly have my permission to post it if you wish: I am 63 Years old now and have been retired since Sept.1994. At that time I have had a sore right heel for a couple of years and doctors could not find any good solution to get rid of my right heel spur problem. They suggested special soles to add in my shoes, etc. At my retirement time, my pain in my right heel got worst, I had difficulty to walk in the morning. The worst of the pain normally went away after an hour or so after I got up. This is the time I decided to obtain more information about heel spur on the Internet. Due to my inexperience with Internet, It took me a little while before I found your site Barbara. The information that you have passed to me opened my eyes and the way it was presented (no pressure of any kind, etc) really convinced me to try these ---vital minerals--- tablets. I ordered 2 bottles the first time and after I took one serving (4 tablets) at each meal and it cleared most of my problem. However, to ensure that it would not come back I ordered two more bottles and I completed taking them in the same manner. The results I would say cleared 95% of my original right heel spur problem. There is still a little bit of pain once in a while, but not in the morning and I can live with that. I will see, if does get worse I will not hesitate to order more of these tablets. It is unfortunate that Doctors do not recommend them, It is so easy to take and no operation, no recovery time, etc. I was going to explain this to my own doctor, however he just retired before I had a chance to do it. But I will discuss it with my new doctor in due course. The conclusion :... There is certainly exceptions where doctors have to intervene, but I would recommend to try these first if results of tests indicate that it is a heel spur problem. I have already recommended them to other people and the feedback I get is that it helped them as well. ----Gaston Boucher

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Received: from ([]) by (v76_r1.19) with ESMTP; Sat, 28 Oct 2000 00:22:48 -0400

Dear Theresa,
I don't believe that I have ever thanked you properly for putting us on to the cure for Plantar Fasciitis. I read all and I mean all that you sent me and you were correct - In about five weeks the pain that my wife Louretha was experiencing was essentially gone ! She has continued to take the treatment and has had no further occurrence of the problem. In fact, some other pains seem to have disappeared as well. I can't tell you how much we appreciate the relief that you have given us in this situation.
You can feel free to use us as a reference for anyone else making an inquiry into the efficacy of the treatment.
L.Calvin Martin
Medford, Orego

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In a message dated 2/27/01 3:43:39 PM, writes:

I must admit that I really didn't believe the below information of how ---vital minerals--- (right combination) would relieve my heel/bone spur pain. There was no doubt I had a heel spur. This was confirmed by an x-ray at the doctor's office. And you know the doctor's recommendation - surgery to remove the spur. I really didn't want to take the surgery route if there was any other options. So I got on the internet and that is when I found your web page. My pain was so severe that I was limping along and holding on to everything I could to take some weight off my heel. Well, I felt that I would try (not really believing it would work) the ---vital minerals--- method. I received the package on 17 Feb 01 and began immediately taking four tablets at each meal (12 tablets a day) With in four days I could tell the pain was less. Then each day my problem got a little better. Now it has been only 10 days and sometime I almost forget about my heel! Can you believe that!!! I still have some slight, I wouldn't call it pain, it's more of a discomfort in my heel, but I am walking normal, as I did before the heel spur development. I must admit that if I stay on my feel for most of the day then the pain returns. But the next morning it is gone again. I know the problem still exist and I plan to continue taking the 12 tablets a day for a long time. After I am sure the spur is gone I will cut the amount back some. I can't wait until the spur is gone and get the doctor to x-ray my heel again! I want to see the look on his face when I tell him what fixed it! Thank you so much for sharing with me not only the ---vital minerals--- but the very important part of the right right amounts, with the right adds, I.e., Vit D, etc. I have a friend who had surgery on both of her heels. She hasn't did anything (such as take ---vital minerals---) to correct the cause of her spurs. I'm betting that they will return after some period of time (we'll see). You may use this as you see fit. I hope it might help other people who don't quite believe in this. Of course it may be that this doesn't work for everyone, we are all different. The only thing one could do is try it! Thank you so much! Charles

This is D. Pendergraph and I just wanted to update you on how the product has helped my wife's pain caused by a heel spur. Well it is GONE! She started taking the supplement after being told she would have to have surgery to get rid of the pain. At first there wasn't any results but as you told us it may take several weeks or months. She kept taking the supplement and gradually the pain went away. She does have inserts to go in her shoes that might help some but they did not cause the pain to go away. She was using them long before the supplement. She told me the other day that she was out of the supplement (---vital minerals---) and to order more. We just placed a reorder. The cost will be very minimal, but will last a long time. One doctor visit cost more than that. She did have some injections and said it hurt so bad that she wasn't going back. That is when surgery was mentioned. Problem is (WITH SURGERY) - there is no guarantee that the bone spur will not come back. From what I read it is highly possible that the spur will come back. With my background in chemistry I understand this since the cause of the bone spur has not been dealt with in surgery just the result. Just wanted to let you know that the supplement does work. Susie tells everyone about the supplement. No more walking on tip toes. Only downfall is that now when she shops she doesn't drop near a fast. Thanks

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In a message dated 6/8/01 8:40:20 PM, writes:

Hello To Everyone,
I am pleased to report that I am getting a great deal of relief from the painful heel spur, I am one week into the second bottle of tablets. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am, it now means that I do not have to plan my day according to how long each task will need me to stand or walk. In three weeks we are relocating to Indonesia, to the island of Java, we are not sure how easy it will be to get on line, it is not as sophisticated as Singapore, but I will keep in contact. Thank you so much for putting me in the "know" about the wonder tablets, Best Wishes from Jean Bat-s-n. ( You may use my endorsement in any of your material.)

In a message dated 2/18/01 10:38:05 AM, writes:
"I have been a marathon runner and have run five marathons in the recent past. I have been a runner of shorter distances for the past 20 years. In December 1997 while training for my next marathon, I began experiencing pain in my right heal.  This pain was so extreme at times that I could not get out of bed by walking.  I had to crawl on my hands and knees until the pain was tolerable enough to walk.  I went to the doctor and he informed me that I had a bone spur.  He prescribed anti-inflammatory medication with othropedic shoe supports.  I continued on the doctor's plan of pain recovery for approximately six months.  I received a cortizone shot directly to the bone spur.  Still, I had no relief from the pain.  I was having trouble maintaining my daily work routine and had all but abandoned my hopes of running.

In June 1998, I found the gre advertisement on the internet concerning ---vital minerals---.  I decided to give this product a try due to the testimonials relating to the successful use of this product.  I followed the instructions which came with ---vital minerals--- and was amazed that the pain in my heal had begun to subside within a short time.  Within two months, I was back to running.  I continue to take the maintenance dose of four tablets a day and have not experienced any pain from the bone spur.

I continue to have an active lifestyle in both my personal life and professional career.  I dread to think about what my life would be like if I did not find the relief to the pain in my heal.

Our response....

Dear Bob,
Yours is a special experience, and we appreciate that you've shared it with us.
Would it be ok if we added your experience to our growing "testimonial" website? -as this helps other people (who are in pain too) to overcome their skepticism ... and that the nutrition really works.  As you know, many people who use the Internet are apprehensive, and true experiences like yours work to help comfort them into trying the application too.  Of course we would NOT use your experience without your permission, and we will NOT give out your e-mail address unless you say that is ok to.
Please let me know... by a response to this e-mail or you may call toll-free. Best wishes!    Barbara/GRE II 1-800-701-1959

Bob's 2nd e-mail...

Re: Cal-mag/your experience-THANKS!!!
Date: 2/25/01 1:08:42 PM Central Standard Time

Dear Barbara,
I would like to share my experience with others because I recall the feeling of hopelessness that I felt in my not being able to get around.  What I didn't mention is that I am a sergeant in the Narcotics Division on the Houston Police Department and part of my job is to catch criminals who make drug deals with my squad of undercover officers.  Many times I get into foot chases which may last for short or long distances.  While my bone spur was hurting me, more of the crooks were able to flee.  Being 50 years old, I still have a challenge apprehending teens and twenty year olds; however, I am physically able to keep a pace and eventually catch them (or some of them).

Feel free to use my e-mail address.  I have told many of the runners who I run with and people in other occupations (such as school teachers who stay on their feet allay) about this product.  I encourage them to use the product and to be patient because the results will follow. Bob Z.

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This is to inform you that your ---vital minerals--- for my heel spur have worked wonders. I have finished my first bottle and i am happy to report that I am about 85% better. I now can play tennis without excruiating pain. I will keep taking them because I want to be 100%. I am very happy that I found your website. I must admit I was a bit skepitcal, but i am very glad I called you and got the information and vitamins. It has been 1 month since I started and I expect by the middle of my second month I will be back to normal. Thank you so much. I plan to spread the word. Sincerely, Jackie DiCh----


3:42 PM Thur. August 2, 2001

Re:Bonespur In Thumb

I can`t tell you how thrilled I am to have regained the movement of my thumb again.The bone spur developed suddenly early in February.It was extremley painful and swollen,and I couldn`t understand what it was.Since I didnn`t want to miss work,I procrastinated till early June and finaly had it x rayed.The Dr was a bit vague about what to do aside from icing it and strong pain killers. He said if it didn`t go away in a month I should come back."The hand being difficult to operate on, this should be a last resort."

Iimmediatly got on the internet, knowing nothing about bone spurs and soon came upon your web site. I was willing to try anything reasonable to alleviate the problem.

I started taking the ---vital minerals--- as prescribed 3 times a day with meals. It was about a week and a half ago that I noticed some improvement. I was able to open the car door, get things out of the refridgerator, tie my shoe, using that hand. The pain had lessoned considerably! I was excited;it seemed to be working! Now i`m about a month and one half into taking the ---vital minerals--- in the suggested dose and the pain is almost gone and I have resumed almost normal activity with my thumb. I am thrilled to be able to go to my family reunion in Germany without pain. It`ll certainly be easier pushing my suitcase. In my luggage there will of course be a good supply of ---vital minerals---. I am of course spreading the word.

With my heartfelt thanks. E Foster Monterey,California

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Dutifully reporting in as requested! I had found you on the Internet and ordered the ---vital minerals--- regimen. I started taking the 12 tablets daily April 25th. At about 6 weeks I thought I was feeling less pain. My heel spur was always most painful when I would resume activity after a rest. Because it wasn't a constant thing most times I could put it out of my mind! Getting up in the middle of the night caused the spur to hurt so badly I thought if I didn't get relief I was going to loose my balance at some point and break a leg or an arm! Now at the 8 week point I know for sure that I am seeing results. I only have just the slightest reminder of a once very painful heel spur that started last November. I still have quite a few pills left and will continue the program, cutting back the dosage. THANK YOU, thank you for sharing your knowledge and making this "cure" available. The person I had consulted in the medical field (as in M.D.) had said to get heel pads for my shoes and had prescribed an anti-inflammatory that tore up my stomach and was promptly discontinued! I'd still be hobbling around, being depressed, if I hadn't discovered your web-site! Think of me trasping around London and Paris this August...pain free! Again, THANK YOU, thank you! Sincerely, Debbi H


Subject: Re: bone spurs in spine
Date: Fri, Jul 31, 1998 10:25 AM

My mother-in-law has (had) bone spurs on her spine along with arthritis, diabetes, and degenerative disks. She was in extreme pain and went to many specialists. She received cortizone shots which helped temporarily, but the pain would always return. She was using a walker and was headed for a wheelchair. When the doctors told her that there was nothing else they could do for her, she finally took my advice of 9 ---vital minerals--- a day (3 -3 times a day) and with in a couple of weeks her pain was completely gone. She also went to therapy, to regain the muscle tone that she had lost, due to her immobility. She tried to stop taking the ---vital minerals--- (thinking that she didn't need it anymore) and the pain returned. In addition to remaining pain free, thanks to the ---vital minerals---, she has increased her bone density. I know this because, on several occasions, she has lost her balance and fell in the kitchen on the ceramic floor. She never had any breaks or or any bruises. She is 76.
----Anne and Doug S.

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Hi Barbara, Thanks for the e-mail. The ---brand name--- supplements are working wonderfully. After 3 weeks, I'm noticing a big change not only in the pain being relieved in my foot but in my attitude. I didn't realize how depressed I was about not being able to be active. I'm noticing now that I'm asking my husband to go on walks and I am also starting a fitness program next week. I know this is due to the pain being relieved in my foot. I still have some paing but I'm taking the recommended start up dosage of four pills per meal. I've told my sister about the ---brand name--- supplements so she'll be ordering some too as foot bone spurs seem to run in our family!
Thanks, Trish F.


---vital minerals--- has helped with a neck bonespur and also with a TMJ problem. Thanks, Ken Parker


Dear Ken,

Thanks for relating your experience!
Can we have your permission to use
your message - hopefully to help others
recognize the postive effects of the
application? -Theresa


I would have no qualms about sharing my experiences with the ---vital minerals---. I mentioned in my previous message that I had a bone spur in my neck and a TMJ problem. The TMJ problem had been with me for many years and I had given up on finding a way to help that problem. So, much to my surprise, when I treated the bone spur and had excellent results(no more pain), I discovered that the TMJ problem was also fixed. Consequently, feel free to quote me on how happy I am with the addition of ---vital minerals--- in my daily diet. Sincerely, Ken Parker

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Dear Theresa,
Hello there again. I don't know if you remember me but I e-mailed you sometime prior X'mas and you forwarded some very useful information about the---vital minerals---! I thought I'd keep you posted on my progress and have to say that the results have been incredibly positive. I completed a 16km. walk just Sunday past, and would you believe it, I haven't felt any pain. Yes, I think that ---vital minerals--- helped tremendously as I started taking them sometime in mid-January after your contact so kindly sold me two bottles. I have already emptied one bottle, twice a day 4 tablets each time since then. I am now into my second bottle and the effects are terrific! So thank you for the information you forwarded. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending that others with my problem try ---vital minerals---. ...Just to give you a clearer picture... I haven't been able to do any lengthy walks for at least six months. Cheers and I hope that this New Year has been good to you. Linda Tan

Hi Fred. Thank-you for the information that you have sent to me. You asked me how long it took for the pain in my heel to go away. I would say about two months,taking twelve tabs a day of the ---vital minerals---. I had ultrasound treatments done which gave me little or no relief. I also went to a Podiatrist who suggested I have an orthodox made for my shoe, which would cost me four hundred dollars. Another Podiatrist said to forget the orthodox,taped up my foot and gave me exercises to do. Needless to say, I am so happy with the results of taking the ---vital minerals---. I am supposed to be taking the ---vital minerals--- anyway, so I'm killing two birds with one stone. --Thanks again, Paula Michel


From: Glen C. W.
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 22, 2000 6:27 PM
Subject: Positive Results

I am another testimony to the favorable results from the tablets. I took 12 a day for three weeks in a row without missing a day. At the end of this time, the pain in my left heel,which was intense, had all but disappeared. The only thing I did differently over this period was take the pills..I am presently taking 9 a day and no pain has reoccurred. Thanks..They definitely worked for me. Glen C. W.

August 26, 2000
Dear Glen,
Thanks so much for your update too. Would it be ok if we added yours to the many posts on the experiences page? Of course, we will not do this without your permission. Also, for your privacy, we would NOT include your e-mail address. You would be helping other people see that it really works. Please let us know. Feel free to call toll-free-1-800-701-1959

August 29, 2000
You have my permission to use my comments. I am glad I found about the
product..It really works.
Thanks again, Glen C. W.

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Dear Rose,
Our tax counselor had noticed my limping as I walked into his office and inquired about it. I explained that I had surgery several weeks earlier on a heel spur. Both of my heels had painful spurs, but I decided to have only one taken care of at a time. However, the surgery increased the pain in the foot operated on dramatically. This tax counselor then began to counsel me on certain ---vital minerals--- which had done the most amazing things for him. I asked if he still takes it and his reply was, “I’m afraid not to take it”. Upon arriving home, without even removing my coat, I reached for the yellow pages and called your number. You have indeed proved exemplary representatives that distribute truly wonderful products. I’m so glad I made that call because you have become more like friends. A remarkable thing happened...... The pain in my heels made walking difficult. I canceled every outing I possibly could. I sat with pillows under my legs, even using them at night so my heels did not touch the sheets. Because even touching my skin made them hurt. But, astonishingly, by the time I had taken only half of my second bottle of the ---vital minerals---, my husband and I were going dancing again. It was wonderful. Both feet were perfectly pain free after a year and a half of constant pain. Not just the one that had been operated on. If that had been the case, I would have thought it was the natural consequence of the operation itself. But, both feet were equally pain free and amazingly both at the same identical time. Proving the tremendous benefit this Cal+ can produce. That was two years ago. Like people sometimes do, I occasionally become “too busy” to remember to take the ---vital minerals--- regularly. When that became too frequent I started limping because of the return of pain in the heel that was not operated on. As soon as I took the ---vital minerals--- (again) in a few days the pain left totally. Do I take it regularly now? I’ll tell You like someone once told me - “I’m afraid not to take it”. Gratefully, Dolores Arpidone

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Bone Spur Testimony 6-8-98

Anybody who is diagnosed with a bone spur problem, also anybody who has back or sciatic pain that doesn't respond to physical therapy may be helped by this letter.

I have had occasional back problems for most of my adult life. (I'm in my fifties.) I could go months or even years without a problem, then I'd bend down to feed the dog (or do something similar) and my back would go out, causing me months of pain and/or discomfort.

During one of those periods 20 or so years ago I went to a doctor who gave me a series of back strengthening exercises. I'm not very "exercise oriented" but I would do them occasionally, mostly after a minor back-pain incident, and they seemed to speed up the healing process.

One of the exercises on the chart was not recommended for people with sciatic pain. I was unable to do this exercise, making it obvious that I had some kind of sciatic sensitivity in addition to my weak back. (Sciatic pain is a pain that runs down the back of your leg.) In thinking back, I had always had at least a minor discomfort that ran from my buttocks and down my thigh. I just never thought much about it until a year or so ago when it flared up and became more persistent and painful. This seemed to be full-blown sciatica, unrelated to my back (or so I thought).

My current doctor sent me to a physical therapist, but after weeks of trying various things, the sciatic discomfort just kept getting worse. It was difficult finding a position to stand in or to sit in to relieve the pain. I discovered that straight back chairs were my best bet for taking the pressure off the sciatic nerve (or whatever was causing this pain) so I went out and bought a bunch of used old wooden straight back chairs, one for every room in the house.

I was walking in a weird, ultra upright position in order to minimize the pain. Finally the physical therapist realized that nothing she could do was helping me and she recommended several back specialists, one of which I went to. The new doctor ran me through some tests and concluded that I probably had a pinched nerve or a spinal bone spur that had caused a nerve to become inflamed. This was the first time I had heard the term "bone spur." She put me on a regular regimen of super-sized ibuprofen to relieve the inflammation and she sent me to another physical therapist who was going to try to come up with an exercise that might possibly take the stress off the problem area, allowing the inflammation to go away. I was told that this whole process sometimes worked and sometimes didn't.

On my own I did some research into bone spurs and learned some interesting things. It appears that the body needs a lot more ---vital minerals--- than most people think. ---vital minerals--- is not just for strong bones and health teeth and all those things we think in terms of. EVERY function of the human body requires ---vital minerals---, and when there's not enough ---vital minerals--- to go around, the body will sometimes leech it out of our bones! This is what causes bone spurs to occur...little bumps or protrusions in certain bones. Typically, we don't notice these eruptions unless they're in a place that impedes us in some way, like on the heel. But they can occur anywhere, even on the spine, where we have thousands (millions? I'm not a doctor) of nerves threading through a series of very narrow openings. If a bone spur erupts in one of those tiny spaces you get a pinched nerve, and depending on where that nerve runs, you'll have pain that won't necessarily be localized along your spine or your lower back. It can run down your leg, as in sciatic pain. Or it can even manifest itself in other areas.

Now, I didn't think that this was my problem. I've always taken a lot of vitamins, and since I consume hardly any dairy products, I would often chew on Tums (or one of those calcium rich mints). This is getting to be a very long letter so I'll cut to the chase. Weeks more of physical therapy and an expensive M.R.I. confirmed my doctor's theory...I had a bone spur AND a pinched nerve on either side of one of those little spinal conduits. MEANWHILE...after reading about bone spurs...learning about how properly absorbed ---vital minerals--- can conceivably reduce or even "melt away" bone spurs...and coming upon a testimonial letter on the internet (similar to this one but, mercifully, much shorter) recommending a particular ---vital minerals---, I put myself on the ---vital minerals--- regimen as recommended. (Sounds strange, but I was desperate, and physical therapy was getting me nowhere. My doctor's conclusion: operate or learn to live with it.)

I was taking 16 pills a day, every day, and after around 45 days I began to feel results. At this point I had once again given up on physical therapy. Also, I found I could ease up on the ibuprofen. After that things happened rather quickly. After 60 days of the ---vital minerals--- therapy I was dramatically improved. After 120 days I'd say that I was back to normal, but that would be an understatement. The mild sciatica that I'd had my entire life was gone! Today I take 3 pills with each meal...9 a day...and I haven't had a new back incident since. -A few caveats. Calcium is not easily absorbed by the body. The type of calcium used is(---vital minerals--- a form of calcium I haven't seen in any other supplement) in combination with the other ingredients (magnesium oxide and vitamin D) is apparently more useful to the body than other calcium formulations on the market. After what it did for me I would not use or recommend anything else.

That's my story. If you have any questions I can be reached at my email address:

Marty Pekar

our response.....

Marty what a wonderful testimony, thanks, would you mind if we shared this with others.

Date: Mon, Jun 8, 1998 9:48 PM EDT

Please do spread it around. Post it on the internet if you'd like. Marty

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I just wanted to tell you how much just taking "the application" has changed my life. Please feel free to use this as you see fit.

In October of 1994 I developed heel spurs on both of my feet. I was able to continue to work but with a great deal of pain. I hope I never have anything as bad as that again. Through the years I've tried everything, orthodics [2 pairs] physio therapy, ultra sound, massage,and icing, with little or no relief at all.

In June of 1998 the pain was so severe I was forced to quit work. It became so bad that I used a wheelchair just to get around in my own house. Needless to say I was on total rest for the next several months putting weight on my feet only when I had to. It was during this time that our son loaned me his computer and I learned how to surf the net. As a result I heard about people using the ---vital minerals--- application. Now, I had been taken standard calcium for years, so I didn't give much credit to this info, but I was desperate for help.

I must tell you Fred, two days after I got that first shipment from you, I started getting relief from the pain. By day four all the pain was gone. I continued taking four at each meal for about three weeks and then gradually reduced it to only four a day. When times were financial lean [remember I still wasn't working] I put off getting my order renewed and tried to stretch the ---vital minerals--- a little farther by taking them every other day. Within two weeks the pain was back.
I learned my lesson and never skip a day taking them along with stretching exercises. I now have been pain free for six months. I am very grateful that I learned about this product and I urge anyone going through this to give "the application" a try, you've got nothing to lose.

Thanks for all your help!

Patrica Smith Ottawa, Canada

My wife and I have recently started your ---vital minerals--- program for heel bone spurs and am pleased with the success in such a sort time. Have discovered three other people in this RV park with the same ailment. Would you please sent three brocures to me either by email or to ----- Rd, Zepyrhills FL 33541. It would be easier for one person if you had a brochure in French but don' t sweat it not.

Thanks Joe M.

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I have been taking your ---vital minerals--- product for 3 1/2 weeks for lower back pain and have experienced much improvement to the point I am rarely bothered by this condition. My back problem came on suddenly late Nov. '99 and really gave me a lot of discomfort. Besides seeing my chiropractor and using ice - hot - ice packs, sometimes several times a day, (which would give me temporary relief) I am now mostly pain free and expect to keep improving. I will continue to use your product.

My son-in-law is using your product for a bone spur on his elbow and after two months of continous use he is pain free. He plans to continue using your product also. His name is Rick Patterson.

Re:My results of taking ---vital minerals---...

You asked if I would let you know my results, well, here it is!
First, I began having severe pain in my right heel. It got so bad that when I went down stairs I would hold the hand railing and support myself on the railing rather than using my right foot. This put a severe burden on my right shoulder and I began having pain in it. I went to a Chiropractor for relief of my shoulder pain. During my visit I told him about my heel pain. He suggested we x-ray my heel to make sure of what might be the problem. As expected the x-ray showed, very plain, that I had a heel spur or bone spur. Of course one option was surgery. But I am a believer the more one can stay out of a doctor's office the better off one is. So I didn't want to even consider surgery until all else had been explored. Being that I am a big user of the Internet I did a search on "bone spur" and in the wealth of information I came across "Golden Rule Enterprises" offering a ---vital minerals--- supplement which would reverse the effects of the bone spur. You know the old saying; "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is."... well that is how I felt about the claims for --vital minerals---. But, the alternative, which I didn't want, was surgery. To compound matters I had been taking ---vital minerals--- (a different company) for some time. I had even taken liquid ---vital minerals--- in a effort to get my body to absorb it. But deciding that it wouldn't be the first, or probably the last time I wasted some money, I would give it a try. I started taking the ---vital minerals---(12 a day, 4 at each meal, with food) on 18 Feb 01. Within one week the pain in my heel was diminishing. With in two weeks I could walk with out holding on to something. Within a month I could get up and down the stairs pretty good. Within two months I was having days when I would forget that I had a heel.

It is now 5 Jul and I can't say I am completely cured, but I haven't been taking the ---vital minerals--- as regular as I did when I first started. But without a doubt I know that in time my bone spur will be gone. When it is I'm going back to the Chiropractor and get him to x-ray my heel again just to see the look on his face when I tell him what I did to cure the bone spur. I'm sure I could have went to a bone specialist and he would have put me on Celebrex which would have made me not feel the pain or put me in the hospital for surgery. Even if I had the surgery there is no guarantee I wouldn't have had scar tissue which could also cause heel pain. I'm happy I took the chance on wasting a little bit of money and tried --vital minerals---. It is very plain that it's not only important to take ---vital minerals--- supplements but critically important to take the right kind. Obviously Golden Rule Enterprises knows exactly what the right kind is. Taking ---vital minerals--- has given me my mobility back and therefore my life back!

Thank you.

C. Hancock Hazel Green, AL

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I have been using your ---vital minerals--- supplement 4 tablets 4x a day for the last 2 1/2 mos. When I first found your website about bone spurs I was 2 weeks away from hip surgery to remove some very painful spurs from my hips. I also have some small spurs on my feet. I am a quadriplegic, in a wheelchair for 34 years now & am a prime target for these types of disorders (or so I'm told). After praying about the upcoming surgery the Lord impressed me to look on the "web" to learn more about this painful disorder. I knew very little about it. My doctor said no one knew what bone spurs are caused from & even if we remove them there is no guarantee they won't come back. He said they will probably continue to grow & become more painful. He also said there is no "cure" for them. My friends warned me that this treatment would only make the spurs worse & also create kidney stones. I still had to give it a chance. I read somewhere that this was one of those medical "myths", possibly started to scare people away from the nutritional approach. But I've been an advocate of good nutrition for years. The older I get, the more I can see from personal experience, that doctors are in the dark ages when it comes to treating any medical problem nutirtionally. After reading the information you had posted on your website, I prayed again & knew I had to give your advice a chance. I had been living on anti-inflammatory drugs round the clock to get through the day & night. (Praise the Lord I was able to go off these after only 2 weeks of taking your supplement!) The testimonials on your website convinced me that I'd be silly not to give this natural supplement a chance. Though I still have some pain, it is bearable now. The spurs on my hips are slowly disappearing, dissolving I think. They're not as sharp & protruding. I plan to keep faithful to this regimine. I also plan to contact my doctor & "let him in on your secret" if he'll listen. His nurse sure seemed to be interested. I will keep you posted on my progress.
M. Overly
Garden City, MI

Hi, This is Marilyn Overly again. You most certainly have my permission to use my e-mail for your advertisement. It was those testimonials that convinced me to try your suppliments. I'm so glad I did. I will be telling others about it, you can be sure!!!
Marilyn Overly

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Date: 6/10/01 10:37:40 PM US Eastern Standard Time

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I bought the vitamins for bone spurs 2 months ago. My pain is gone and I am so thankful to your vitamins. ...
I had ordered a $450 orthodontic and I cancelled the order for the orthodontic; when I heard bout your vitamins from the internet.

I am a nurse and I work 12 hours shifts at the hospital. I was really becoming concerned about the pain and tenderness in my heels from plantar fascitis. Within 3 weeks my feet were 90% better. Now after2 monthsthe pain and discomfort are gone. Itake6-9 vitamins daily now. I plan to be one of your customers for the rest of my life. I am so grateful for your product. Please use my letter on your website as a testimony of your product.

Mrs. Catherine Krupa -Alaska

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This is Naomi Davis I have been taking D---vital minerals--- for 8 days on the 7th day my heel spurs stop hurting.My heels hurt me for almost 1 year. I told my husband (I am sure these pills will no work) to my surprise they do. I have called long distance to two people that have heel spurs and gave them your 800 number. I don't know much about surfing the Internet but I didn't stop until I found help.

Thank you Naomi Davis.

* Italics are Ours

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