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What is a heel spur?

A heel spur is a growth on the heel bone. Is is also referred to as a bone spur or osteophyte. A heel spur is simply a bone spur or osteophyte that forms on the heel bone.

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The heel spur(osteophyte)itself has no feeling. However, when a heel spur develops, it can rub into the tissues and nerves surrounding the bottom of the foot. This often times causes inflammation of the plantar fascia and/or many other surrounding tissues. Because the heel spur rubs into the tissues and nerves of the foot, pain may occur as a result and be quite severe.

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What causes a heel spur to form?

There are many hard-to-believe theories on the cause of heel spurs. After many years of hearing what works for different people, our conclusion on the matter is this:

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, but it may also be the most deficient. The amount of calcium that we absorb from our food varies widely. One factor is age. An adolescent may absorb up to 75% of the calcium obtained from foods, while in adults the maximum absorption rate ranges from 20% to 30%.

Even though our bones feel solid and seem permanent, they're just like any other body tissue - they're constantly being broken down and formed again. In an adult, 20% of bone calcium is withdrawn from bones and replaced each year. Thus, every five years the bones are renewed.

Calcium is found in the extra cellular fluids and soft tissues of the body where it is vital to normal cell functioning. Much of the calcium in soft tissues is concentrated in muscle, although it is contained in the membrane and cytoplasm of every cell. The role of calcium is so vital in these fluids and tissues that if it's supply runs low the body will actually leach calcium from its own bones. In many people this happens to be in the heel of the foot or some other weak area of the body. As the calcium is being leached, it forms an eruption (similar to a volcano). This eruption is the heel spur.

Heel Spur Pain

Many people that suffer from heel spurs find that heel spur pain is often most intense after long periods of rest from being on your feet such as in the moring after getting out of bed. The reason for this is: As you move during the day, the nerves surrounding the heel spur adjust around the spur so that the heel spur is not digging into them. After long periods of rest, such as when sleeping, the nerves relax back into their normal position. Thus, when you get out of bed in the morning, pain can become intense as you are putting weight on the heel for the first time causing the heel spur to be pushed into the sensitive nerves and tissues. Please note, however, that heel spur pain can occur at any time throughout the day.

Natural Heel Spur Help

Many people that suffer from heel spurs find relief when they properly supplement their diet daily with "good" calcium. When the body is fed the right amount of "good" calcium, the eruption subsides - along with the pain. The best way to eliminate this "leaching process" (calcium deficiency) SAFELY, is to supplement your diet with a specially tested formulation of calcium along with the other vital minerals mentioned above.

Important: The calcium must be carefully formulated to be easily digested - to accomplish the "good" calcium environment in building healthy body/bone cells.

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Heel Spur Testimonials

Well I was one of those people you have to show them before they believe... I ordered your product... I had been suffering from heel spurs for three LONG years... I had the shots, ouch!!! very painful, I bought all kinds of different shoes and pads and insoles, and I limped like an old woman... surgery was my next option and I was planning for it... After taking your product for five days the pain lessened... then in another couple days the pain was gone... NEW FEET I tell everyone who says why are you not limping? Then guess what... the pain in my hips disappeared and my knees, my back stopped hurting... I gave it to my husband and he had a broken wrist that did not heal right and he had minimum movement and pain all the time... now it is flexible and the pain is gone... So now I believe and have told quite a few friends about this product... some are looking at knee replacement and I hope it helps them as much as it has helped me... I'm in love with this product and I will never stop taking it... Brenda S./ Enterprise, FL

I have been using "vital minerals" for heel spurs and plantar fasciitis as well as to prevent osteoporosis- happy to have good results on spurs (for the last 5 years) and my 1st bone density shows me in good shape. Thanks

Before I started "vital minerals", I had been diagnosed with heel spurs. I had been taking regular calcium supplements but they did not help the heel spurs. A friend recommended this product because she had had great success with it, so I tried it and I have to say it has worked for me. I do not have any heel pain and I am continuing to use the "vital minerals." J. White

I had a heel spur for 2 years. After putting an orthotic device in my shoe and still after 6 months having no pain relief, I started taking the calcium magnesium plus supplement. After about 4 more months went by, I started feeling less pain in my heel. Now, I have no more pain at all as I continue to wear the orthotics in conjunction with taking the Cal Mag supplement daily. Thank you very much.

K. Schumacher

With a recent order I was asked to send a testimonial about my experiences with cal-mags: After suffering with a heel spur and several shots in my foot, I decided to look for an alternative. In seeking information, I found the cal-mag supplements on the internet. I have been taking cal-mags for serval year now and no longer suffer with my heel spurs. I feel I have my live back and am able to walk and do a daily Yoga routine without pain. Being more active I am also able to keep my weight down. I feel that taking the cal-mags also helps me fight colon polyps, colon cancer and osteoporosis. I am 57 years old and recently lost my mother to colon cancer, so i'm very concerned that I take an excellent calcium supplement. My recent colonoscopy and dexascan tests results was enormous. I have recommended the cal-mags to several people

Thank you for making cal-mags available.

I have had heel spur pain - especially after 8 hours of work on my feet. Now on only my 2nd shipment I have experienced an improvement - I like & trust the brand name for a proper calcium balance that is accessible to every cell in my body. Thank you - D. Olsen

I began using the vital minerals about three or 2 1/2 years ago after a friend told me about them. I was suffering so badly with a heel spur and could barely walk. Nothing helped until I began taking these tablets. After about two months of taking these, the pain went completely away. It was amazing! I could walk again without constant pain.

D. Hennigan

I was in so much pain I could hardly walk. Especially if i'd been off my feet for awhile. When I would stand up, it felt like I was stepping on glass. I didn't want to go to a doctor, as I have no health insurance. My sister went online and found your product. I was very willing to give it a try and the cost was very reasonable. Within 2 weeks I was better, and within a month I was cured. I have been taking the calcium for 1 1/2 years - 6 pills a day. I took them to my pharmacist and he said they were great and everyone my age (50) should be taking them - heel spurs or not. I should have taken time to write before, but better now than never. I will always take them for the rest of my life. Please don't quit making them. Thank you

D. Bailey

I had painful bone spurs / heel spurs. I went online looking for something natural to help and found your website. After talking (via phone) with a salesperson, who kindly answered all my questions, I decided to try the calcium as directed. Within weeks the pain was gone and has been gone since then! I continue to take the calcium.

I recently ordered the vital minerals - 4 month supply for my daughter. When it arrived, there was a letter enclosed for a testimonial. I gave it to my daughter, and here is her response.

" I have been using "vital minerals" for over a year now for heel spurs in both feet. The pain in my right foot is gone. My left still has some pain if I walk on hard floors too long. My left foot, though, has other medical problems. I admit I don't take the full amount. I can never seem to remember the second dose. I really wish you could make an extended release vitamin that I could take 1 a day. Than you for "vital minerals".

Y. Arnold

You may use this testimonial on your website for the benefit of others.

You also have my thanks for helping my daughter with her bone spurs. She is really doing quite well. Her left foot has something like carpal tunnel syndrome people get in their hand. I think your vitamin has taken care of the bone spurs in both feet. She can't seem to be able to tell the difference, since walking hurts that foot like the bone spurs hurt. But I feel that since the bone spur is gone from one foot, it is probably gone from the other.

Thank you once again.

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